Pulmonary Rehabilitation

NorthCrest’s Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program is a ten-week course that meets twice a week, designed to provide comprehensive care to individuals with pulmonary disease (COPD). Once enrolled in the program, patients work with a multidisciplinary team of pulmonary rehabilitation specialists who will tailor the program to meet individualized needs.

Education Sessions

  • Support for the patient and family
  • Proper breathing techniques
  • The role of medications
  • Energy conservation
  • Proper nutrition
  • Stress management

Exercise Sessions

  • Designed to meet individual needs and goals
  • Medical status and progress monitored and evaluated
  • Personal and group exercises held to improve the function of your heart and lungs
  • Strengthen muscles used for breathing
  • Breathing training
  • Relaxation techniques
  • How to conserve energy for daily activities

Our program is designed for patients with pulmonary diseases such as emphysema, asthma, chronic bronchitis, fibrosis, and others…

  • Whose shortness of breath compromises their lifestyle
  • Who want to learn more about their disease and ways to manage it
  • Who want to learn techniques to improve their breathing
  • Who want to attain the highest level of independent function

For many program graduates, participation has been able to help:

  • Control and alleviate symptoms
  • Increase exercise tolerance
  • Decrease anxiety and depression commonly associated with pulmonary disease
  • Learn more about their disease
  • Feel better about themselves and their quality of life

Looking to join? A referral is required by a healthcare provider for admission to the program. The program is covered by most insurance plans. For information on joining, or to refer a patient, call the NorthCrest HealthLine at 615/384-1600.

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