Northcrest Health Announces It Is Exploring A Potential Partnership With Tristar Health, An Affiliate Of HCA Healthcare

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The NorthCrest Health senior leadership and Board of Trustees has announced the organization is exploring a potential affiliation with TriStar Health, an affiliate of HCA Healthcare. The two organizations have signed a non-binding Letter of Intent and are progressing through a due diligence period, which allows both parties to evaluate a potential transaction whereby NorthCrest Health would join the TriStar Health family.

The announcement is part of the Board of Trustee’s ongoing strategic planning to determine how best to meet the increasing healthcare needs of Robertson County and the surrounding region for years to come. As part of the long-term planning process for NorthCrest, the senior leadership team and Board of Trustees have been engaged in a deliberate evaluation process to determine the right path forward to ensure the best possible future for local healthcare in Robertson County and the surrounding areas.

This announcement does not commit the organizations to one another. Rather, it allows TriStar Health and NorthCrest Health to continue to learn more about each other and the opportunity to fully determine specific terms of an agreement that would advance healthcare in the community.

NorthCrest Health serves a vital role in the community and the importance of the healthcare services has been magnified this year by the COVID-19 pandemic. The Board deliberately set out to explore options and identify a partner that would enhance healthcare in our community. The pandemic further underscored a goal of the Board: find a potential partner with the expertise and resources to build on what NorthCrest has now and take it forward into the future in a way that helps the hospital and community to thrive in ways beyond what is achievable alone.

Ultimately, the Board felt it was important that any potential partner understand the importance of securing the future of NorthCrest Health and its important place in the community. To help chart the right path forward, the NorthCrest Board of Trustees identified specific desired qualities of any potential partner, including a track record of providing high quality care, employee satisfaction and commitment to the community.

TriStar Health rose to the top as a potential partner that understands the importance of healthcare access in Robertson County. HCA Healthcare has a long, rich history in our region, dating back to NorthCrest Medical Center’s inception. Notably, the hospital was originally funded through bonds co-signed by Dr. Thomas Frist, Sr., founder of HCA Healthcare, and was managed by HCA Healthcare until 2005. While under HCA Healthcare management, the hospital identified the community need for a cardiac catherization lab and a larger emergency department to provide critical services to the area.

While no final decisions have been made, today’s announcement is an important step in the process of the partnership exploration between NorthCrest Health and TriStar Health. As the organizations move through a due diligence process, more updates will be provided, as available, in the weeks ahead.

What This Means for Patients and The Community

During this time of mutual due diligence, NorthCrest continues to be focused on keeping our patients at the center. Patients will continue to access services, providers and clinics as they always have. We are excited about the ways our patients and communities may benefit through this potential partnership. As we determine the finer details, we will remain a community partner that continues to be focused on enhancing the health and wellness of everyone in our area.

Our patients and community should also know that nothing changes today. This announcement represents our bright future at NorthCrest Health and is an important step in the process of our partnership exploration. As always, we remain committed to improving the health of our friends, family, neighbors and region, while ensuring high-quality healthcare access for years to come.

Next Steps

While no final decisions have been made, this announcement is an important step in the process of the partnership exploration, and nothing changes today for our employees, physicians, patients and community.

When more details are available, we will be sure to inform our employees, physicians, patients and community to answer questions and create an understanding of what this means for healthcare in our community.