Mother & Baby

Our team is prepared and experienced to care for you throughout pregnancy, delivery and following childbirth. Mother and baby are our priority and we cannot wait to experience this exciting time of your family’s life with you.

Before Birth: Prenatal Care & Classes

Expectant mothers planning to deliver at NorthCrest, the Vanderbilt Center for Women’s Health offers prenatal obstetric care. Information on their services and providers can be found at their website.

NorthCrest offers a variety of prenatal classes to expecting mothers and families. Classes include, but are not limited to Labor of Love (pregnancy, labor, delivery, and postpartum care information), newborn care, breastfeeding basics, and Infant CPR and Newborn Safety.

Mothers delivering at NorthCrest Medical Center may participate in classes free of charge; those delivering at a different hospital are welcome to participate in classes for a fee. To sign up for classes, please visit or call 615-384-1600.

Planning: Newborn Photos

Newborn photography is available in the Women’s Services department to help you welcome your new baby. Jennifer Johnson of Jennifer Johnson Photography visits NorthCrest several days a week to provide pictures for families. This service is provided with an additional cost from Jennifer Johnson Photography.

If you would like to coordinate with Jennifer Johnson Photography, or ask questions about her services prior to the birth of your baby, please visit or call 615-720-7068.

Other professional photographers are welcome to photograph your newborn. The family is responsible for coordinating with another photographer.

It’s Time: Labor & Delivery

The birthing unit at NorthCrest Medical Center is made up of six Labor and Delivery suites, a Special Care Nursery, and a surgical suite. Aquatic Laboring is available.

Only Vanderbilt Center for Women’s Health providers deliver babies at NorthCrest Medical Center. Meet their providers.

After Delivery: Caring for You and Your Baby

Thirteen additional private rooms are available for recovery and postpartum or for women who may have prenatal or gynecological reasons for an inpatient stay.

At NorthCrest, our goal is to optimize the amount of time that you spend with your baby following delivery. We have special security measures in place to provide a safe environment for you and your baby during your stay. Rest assured, your family is in safe hands.

The highly skilled nursing staff in the Women’s Services department are ready to assist you.

  • A Certified Lactation Consultant from our Lactation Department is on staff
  • 100% of these nurses are certified in neonatal resuscitation
  • Our nurses will share time-honored tips regarding your care and the care of your new baby
  • Educational videos are available for viewing from the privacy of your room
  • Our Special Care Nursery nurses and 24/5 Nurse Practitioners coverage for enhanced nursery services

For information on Breastfeeding/Lactation, click HERE.

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