World Health Day: 5 Reasons to Thank Your Nurses and Midwives

world health day

Every year, the World Health Organization shines a light on healthcare in the global community through their observance of World Health Day. This year, the WHO is celebrating the amazing work of nurses and midwives around the world who dedicate their lives to keeping us healthy. 

Now more than ever, it’s important that we encourage young men and women to pursue careers in nursing. In fact, it’s estimated that to achieve universal health coverage by 2030, there will need to be almost 9 million more nurses and midwives added to the global healthcare workforce. 

As we continue to support our workforce, both personally and professionally, here are five great reasons to thank your nurse and midwife this World Health Day:

  1. Nurses and midwives are the backbone of the healthcare industry. They account for 50% of the world’s health workers, yet often report feeling undervalued and overworked in their roles. They are often the only health workers in an area and have to perform a wide variety of tasks to support their local community, especially in remote rural areas that lack sufficient medical resources. In fact, nursing has been ranked as the most trusted profession seventeen years in a row. 
  2. Heavy demands lead to increased stress, but nurses and midwives continue to commit to public health. Considering the increased demands placed on today’s nurses and midwives, it’s no surprise that almost 70% of the workforce report feeling burned out in their role. However, despite feeling over-worked, an additional 76% report “feeling happy” with their jobs, a testament to their selfless commitment to care for others.
  3. In the delivery room, midwifery care improves both women’s and infant health. When compared to physician care, research shows that midwifery care throughout the delivery process leads to decreased rates of cesarean birth, labor induction, and augmentation, and reduces the amount of third and fourth-degree perineal tears. Outside the delivery room, midwives influence higher rates of breastfeeding as well.
  4. Nurses represent a significant portion of the female workforce. Compared to 41% across other sectors, women equate to 70% of global healthcare workers. As we continue to support our nurses, we’re aiding in the empowerment of the global female workforce. 
  5. Investing in nurses and midwives improves the quality of health care while also reducing costs. According to the ANA, investing in the education of nurses through a Value-Based Healthcare approach reduces the cost per patient by 2% and the overall mortality rate by 4%. 

The vital role nurses and midwives play often go overlooked. Aside from supporting women and children, their daily duties are centered around satisfying the everyday healthcare needs of the surrounding community.

As we celebrate World Health Day, we hope you’ll join in supporting our nurses and midwives. Share your messages and photos on social media using #SupportNursesandMidwives, and tag NorthCrest on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn!