National Nurses Week: How You Can Help

It’s National Nurses Week, and here at NorthCrest we’re taking the time to celebrate our amazing team of dedicated nurses! Especially in the face of the current global healthcare crisis, we are so grateful to our healthcare workers for keeping our community safe on the front lines each day.  

If there’s one thing we’ve learned as a result of the pandemic, it’s that nurses have an enormous responsibility that far outweighs simply caring for patients. In fact, it’s become clear that the ambiguity of the term ‘nurse’ doesn’t quite capture the range of skills, expertise and seniority that nurses may have. But no matter their day-to-day responsibilities, nurses are critical to both their patients’ health and hospital operations. Today, as we celebrate our local healthcare heroes, we also want to say thank you to nurses everywhere. 

Celebrating Our Nurses

Because there is more to nursing than meets the eye, it’s normal to treat the title ‘nurse’ as an umbrella term that includes many different positions and areas. But just like doctors, nurses often specialize in anything from trauma and pediatrics to neuroscience, orthopedics and more, helping support every facet of the healthcare system. 

That being said, nurses have completely different responsibilities depending on their specialty—but they all work towards the same goal of providing high-quality care for their patients. In a recent survey of our nurses here at NorthCrest, one respondent noted that “there are many aspects of ‘patient care’. Just because you don’t work at the bedside doesn’t mean you aren’t a ‘real nurse.’”

What It Means To Be a Nurse

Depending on their specialty, nurses’ days look very different from one another. While some are pulling into the hospital at 5 am, others will start their days at 7 pm. Some care for newborn babies, while others assist surgeons in the operating room. Regardless of where they spend the bulk of their time, each nurse is working physically and mentally to ensure positive outcomes for the health of their patients around the clock, with one nurse noting, “We don’t just work three days and then get a nice four-day vacation. It is a full-time job that we often carry with us throughout the week”. 

Last week, we asked some of our NorthCrest nurses what they wish others knew about being a nurse. Here’s what a few of them had to say:

“The true heart of nursing is when you are hurt or sad, we usually are too. We just can’t always show it.”

“It’s not what television makes it look like. We are smart, fearless, caring, and compassionate about what we do.”

“It’s the best job in the world.” 

“We give everything in us to others. There’s usually not much left for ourselves.” 

“I wish people knew how emotionally, mentally, and physically exhausting it is. I want every patient to know that they are loved and that I’m doing my very best.” 

Not only is being a nurse physically demanding, but it’s also a role that creates a massive impact on one’s emotional and mental well-being. As a result, many respondents noted that their days don’t typically end when they clock out and return home. Rather, their relationship with patients is carried with them throughout their days. 

Carrying the physical and emotional weight of a hospital shift is a heavy burden for nurses, so it’s only natural that many report feelings of being underappreciated and undervalued. Like others in the healthcare field and beyond, nurses too deal with their own grief, sadness, job stress, and more. 

How You Can Help

Now more than ever, it’s important for us to do our part in supporting and thanking them for their hard work. Here are some ways you can help nurses right now across the US and in our local community: 

If your friends or family members are healthcare workers, here are a few things you can do to support them on a more personal level: 

  • Cook homemade meals or arrange for take-out meals and groceries to be delivered to their work or home
  • Offer to help with childcare and household chores during their shifts 

Resources For Nurses

During this stressful time being on the front lines of COVID-19, it’s important to prioritize both mental and physical health. Here are a few online therapy and well-being apps that can help nurses: 

From all of us here at NorthCrest, we are so grateful for our compassionate and talented team of nurses. Happy National Nurse Week!