H1N1 (Swine Flu) Quick Tips

Why is everyone talking about H1N1 FLU?
· H1N1 (Swine Flu) is a new or “novel” influenza virus that has spread quickly
· Flu vaccines made last year did not work against this virus
· Most people (especially those under the age of 65) do not have immunity to this flu strain
· Healthy children, pregnant women and young people are getting sick

What do I need to do?
· Get the H1N1 vaccination as soon as it becomes available to the public
· Eat right and get enough rest
· Don’t touch your face, eyes or nose
· Avoid any person who is coughing, sneezing or has a respiratory illness
· Avoid crowds if possible
· Wash hands with soap and water 15-30 seconds or use hand sanitizer, especially when in public
· Remember, you cannot catch influenza by eating pork or pork products
· THINK and use common sense

What are the symptoms of H1N1?
· Aches and pains, headache, sore throat
· Sudden fever, possibly sudden dizziness
· Cough/head and lung congestion
· Possibly diarrhea/nausea

What should I do if I am not feeling well?

· Stay home
· If your symptoms are severe, contact your personal healthcare provider

For more information about H1N1 flu infection, you may call the Tennessee Department of Health at (615) 340-7775 or the U.S. Centers for Disease Control at 1-800-CDC-INFO. You can find more information on the Web at http://www.cdc.gov/h1n1flu/.