Camp T.A.G. Completes Another Successful Year

SPRINGFIELD, Tenn. (August 6, 2007) – For fourteen summers now, NorthCrest Hospice staff and volunteers have held a four-day camp to help teach children about grief. Otherwise know as Camp T.A.G. (Teaching About Grief).

Camp T.A.G. was developed to give children ages 7 to 16 a chance to meet others their own age who have lost a loved one. Camp T.A.G. not only deals with death, but with divorce and military deployment.

“The Camp is a place where children can go to be with others their own age that have had similar experiences,” said Judy Suter, Director of NorthCrest Hospice and developer of Camp T.A.G. “It helps them to identify that they’re not alone in their grief. And it is a safe environment where they can share their emotions and not be ridiculed.”

Camp T.A.G. is not just about grief. Campers enjoy normal summer camp activities like swimming and crafts.

Camp T.A.G. is an outreach program from NorthCrest Medical Center. The United Way of Robertson County also supports Camp T.A.G. Occasionally other groups make donations to Camp T.A.G. This year the Robertson County Baptist Association made a generous donation.