Student Healthcare Internship Program (SHIP)

2019 Applications are no longer being accepted.
SHIP 2019 Information

NorthCrest Medical Center is proud to present the Student Healthcare Internship Program (SHIP). SHIP offers students (ages 14-17) the opportunity to gain exposure and marketable job skills in either clinical or non-clinical areas at NorthCrest Medical Center. SHIP provides participating students an “anchor” of experience through which they can base future education decisions. Through the two-week program which includes rotations through various departments, students are exposed to hospital occupations and allowed to learn the intricate daily operations of their community medical center. This is our first line of recruitment in a long-range plan to ease the critical shortage of healthcare workers.

SHIP selects its participants from applicants who have been nominated by high school guidance counselors, local Health Occupations Students of America organizations, and other community leaders. Each applicant must complete an essay on his/her aspirations for a hospital-related career; demonstrate good citizenship (through written references provided by his/her instructors); and must go through an interview process with the program coordinator(s).

After selection, participants are provided an orientation to the facility as well as departmental tours and speakers. Students are assigned to an area based on interest and availability, but rotate areas to maximize exposure and opportunities on the clinical or non-clinical pathway. Assigned mentors will direct each participant’s daily work routine and will act as liaison between the departmental and SHIP coordinator(s). Mentors will facilitate on-the-job learning activities and identify potential areas for growth. By job shadowing hospital professionals, participants will learn first-hand the commitment and preparation necessary to deliver quality patient care.

SHIP is completely funded by NorthCrest Medical Center. Due to space, time, and instructor/mentor limitations, we are able to accept 20 participants. Ten students will be assigned to the clinical pathway and ten to the non-clinical pathway.

Information will be updated annually as applications become open. Applications will be available in the spring, the program takes place in the summer.

Sarah Kane