Martha’s Song

Martha’s Song was developed to honor a special lady, Martha Parker, who willingly donated hundreds of hours of time to help the citizens of Robertson County. As a breast cancer survivor, she voluntarily assisted other women who also received the diagnosis of cancer. The purpose of Martha’s Song is to continue Martha’s legacy of offering hope and compassion to cancer patients in Robertson County.

Martha’s Song provides assistance to cancer patients in purchasing items such as breast prostheses, lymphedema sleeves, wigs, etc., that may be needed as a result of the diagnosis and treatment of cancer, and may not be covered by insurance.

Martha’s Song is funded through donations and fundraising activities supported by volunteers. Money is allocated to the NorthCrest Foundation and earmarked for Martha’s Song funds. The NorthCrest Foundation applies general accounting principles in receipt and disbursement of said money. A volunteer board of at least three people, who must be Robertson County residents, oversees the funds.

Money in the Martha’s Song program may be used for but not limited to:

  1. Printing and distribution of information about the program to the citizens of Robertson County.
  2. Wigs, breast prostheses/bras, lymphedema sleeves, prescription and medical co-pays, or other needs not covered by insurance.
  3. The limit per recipient is $500.00.

Criteria for assistance:

  1. Resident of Robertson County.
  2. Must have needs that are related to the diagnosis of cancer.
  3. Must contact the NorthCrest Foundation.


  1. Contact the NorthCrest Foundation to receive a form. Fill out the form. Mail form, letter from your doctor and receipt (if applicable) to the NorthCrest Foundation, 100 NorthCrest Drive, Springfield, TN 37172.
  2. If your request is approved, you may either show proof of payment and get reimbursed or submit a price quote to Martha’s Song for payment to the store or supplier.

Other requests:

  1. Any other request will be reviewed by the Martha’s Song board for approval within these guidelines.
  2. Requests for assistance beyond this policy will be based on available funds.