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Women’s Services

The Women’s Services Department at NorthCrest Medical Center is designed to meet the needs of women throughout the continuum of life.

The birthing unit is made up of six L & D (Labor and Delivery) Suites, a Level II nursery and a surgical suite. Thirteen additional private rooms are available for recovery and postpartum or for women who may have prenatal or gynecological reasons for needing the medical center.

The Women’s Services Department is located on the second floor of the medical center.

Family Birth Services

One Miraculous Moment

Childbirth can be the greatest moment of your life. At that moment, you step into one of the most important roles you will ever have —
the role of being a parent.

It’s a wonderful feeling and a wonderful time.

It’s a moment of great expectations and you need the assurance that these will be met.

You have that assurance from our family birth services.

During your stay with us, our nurses will share time-honored tips regarding your care and the care of your new baby. Also, to enhance your parenting skills, educational videos are available for you to view in the privacy of your room.

Prior to discharge every effort will be made to help you to feel confident in caring for your newborn when you both go home. Should questions arise, remember we are just a phone call away.

Special security measures are in place to provide a safe environment for you and your baby during your stay. Rest assured, your family is in safe hands.

The highly skilled nursing staff at NorthCrest Medical Center Women’s Services is ready to assist you. On the average our full time staff of Registered Nurses have greater than 20 years of experience in women’s health. 100% of these nurses are certified in neonatal resuscitation. Many of them hold a national certification in their area of expertise.


Providers for NorthCrest Women’s Services are member of Vanderbilt Center for Women’s Health at NorthCrest. Click here to learn more about our Women’s Services Providers.

Prenatal Classes

All classes are FREE to mothers delivering at NorthCrest. To sign up for classes, please follow the link below and choose the PRENATAL class you would like to sign up for. You may also call 615-382-6016 if assistance is needed.

Education Classes Link –

Prenatal Class: Labor of Love
This course will cover pregnancy information, danger signs in pregnancy, true vs. false labor, when to come to the hospital, pain relief option overview, delivery recovery period information, what to bring to the hospital, and postpartum care. Video examples will be shown of both a medicated and non-medicated birth. The videos are true to life. Children should not attend this class. Snacks and drinks will be available and handouts may be provided to supplement the course.

Prenatal Pain Relief and Comfort
This class is for mothers whom have completed the Labor of Love course and desire more in-depth information for comfort and pain control. This class will cover pushing positions and techniques, comfort measures, breathing, relaxation, and pain control. A tour of the labor and delivery unit is included at class completion time if desired. Please bring a pillow with you to class. Snacks and drinks will be provided. Please do not bring children to class.

Prenatal Newborn Care
This class will cover what to expect after delivery in caring for your newborn in the delivery room, nursing procedures, newborn nurse practitioners and pediatrician information, normal appearance of newborns, diapering, swaddling, safe sleep, what to bring to hospital for baby, hospital routines for newborn nursery, NorthCrest security measures for newborns, newborn testing, and more. Please do not bring children to class. Handouts will be provided as supplement to course.

Prenatal Breastfeeding Basics
This is a one-day course that covers normal anatomy of the breast, supply and demand, tips for positioning and latching your baby, how to know when baby is breastfeeding appropriately, pumping and storing breastmilk, preparing for return to work or school, and much more!

Prenatal Infant CPR and Newborn Safety
This course is for EXPECTANT mothers and their support person and caregivers to learn how to perform CPR on infants and children. There is no certification card available with this class. Use of newborn bulb syringe, clearing airway, and choking will also be reviewed. Information provided will assist you in recognizing and responding if these situations should arise.

Lactation Services and Birth & Beyond Store

Here at Northcrest we have a full service lactation department with inpatient assistance, outpatient follow up by appointment, and a store, “Birth and Beyond.” The store offers a wide variety of items such as nursing bras, breastpumps, pump supplies, milk storage needs, and pump rental. We also offer personal bra fitting sessions by appointment. If you would like to come in for a bra fitting, a tour of our birthing unit, or sign up for breastfeeding classes which are offered FREE to Mothers delivering at NorthCrest please call the lactation department at 615-382-6016.

Some Advantages Of Breastfeeding

For Baby:

  • It’s Medicine! Breastmilk changes to be what baby needs everyday!! It has the exact combination of protein, fats, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and sugars needed for baby at all ages. If your baby gets sick your body makes antibodies to fight the illness and baby receives them through your breastmilk.
  • Breastfed babies tend to have less incidence of or less pronounced symptoms of diabetes, ear infections, respiratory illness, and allergies.
  • Baby digests it better and it is easier on their stomach.
  • SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) is less common in breastfed babies.
  • Adult daughters who were breastfed are at less risk for breast cancer, if breastfed there is lower risk for all babies to have high cholesterol and asthma.

For Mother:

  • Calories are burned while breastfeeding. It takes about 20 calories to produce an ounce of milk. Weight loss after baby is easier. Who doesn’t LOVE that?
  • Women who nurse their babies for at least 6 months lessen their chances of cervical and breast cancer.
  • Breastfeeding is much cheaper than formula feeding. Breastmilk is FREE!!
  • Breastmilk is always available, clean, and the right temperature.