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Speech and Language Pathology

NorthCrest Speech Therapy can diagnose and treat a broad range of delays and disorders that you may have been suffering for a long time. As in any health-care related profession, Speech-Language Pathologists are required to study anatomy and physiology, but they also study neuroanatomy, genetics, human and language development, linguistics, psychology, acoustics and more, which is why they are qualified to evaluate, diagnose and treat a broad range of delays and disorders including:


  • Difficulty swallowing food, drinks, or pills
  • Coughing or throat clearing while eating or drinking
  • Food or pills feeling stuck
  • Difficulty pushing food to the back of the mouth to swallow it



  • Hoarse, weak or raspy voice
  • Difficulty projecting the voice or getting asked to repeat things often
  • Running out of air when speaking


  • Difficulty expressing wants and needs clearly
  • Increased frustration when trying to communicate
  • Difficulty finding the right words and getting them out correctly


  • Difficulty managing medication, paying bills, following recipes, or completing other daily life tasks
  • Difficulty remembering new information
  • Confusion and disorientation
  • Getting lost going to familiar places

Early intervention results in the best treatment outcomes!

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