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Medical Imaging

The Medical Imaging Department provides a full range of diagnostic services. All exams require a physician’s order. Your physician will give you a written order which you should bring with you. It is important that we do the correct exam, and the written physician’s order is required for us to bill your insurance.

Radiation Safety


To expedite your service at NorthCrest Medical Center, call 615-384-1546 to pre-register over the phone 48 hours prior to attending services ordered by your physician. This will save you time in registration.

Routine X-Rays (click service for more information)

Scope of Service

The department is divided into eight (8) distinct modalities: Bone Density, Computerized Tomography (CT/CTA), Diagnostic X-Ray (General Radiology), Digital Mammography, Fluoroscopy, Magnetic Resonance (MRI/MRA), Nuclear Medicine, and Ultrasound.

These various modalities utilize ionizing radiation, ultrasonic waves, medical isotopes and magnetic field in order to acquire the desired images that best serve the referring physician’s needs. Through the careful application of these services by licensed and competent personnel, exposure to and damage by these imaging means is controlled at an acceptable level. Subsequently, all aspects of each modalities’ services are vital to the overall safety of our patients and personnel.


The mission of the Medical Imaging Department is to provide imaging services at an unequaled level of measurable quality, maintaining radiation exposures as low as reasonably achievable (ALARA), and to be responsive to the needs and values of patients, physicians, employees and employers.  The vision of the Medical Imaging Department is to be recognized for our ongoing commitment to improving the quality of our diagnostic imaging procedures and for our expanding range of quality diagnostic imaging services that respond to community needs.

*It is not safe for children to be in the exam rooms due to radiation exposure. If your child must accompany you to your appointment, please make sure someone else accompanies you to watch your child while your exam is being performed.