Northcrest Hospitalist Program

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NorthCrest Hospitalist Program

Utilize our Hospitalist Program
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NorthCrest Hospitalists continually communicate your patient’s treatment and condition–until they are returned to your care.

How Our Hospitalists Will Improve Your Experience

A hospitalist acts as your primary doctor while you are an inpatient at NorthCrest, and is in frequent contact with your primary care physician. Our hospitalist program helps make sure you get the attention you need, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • Shorter Waiting Time for a Bed. The hospitalist helps speed up the process of getting patients admitted.
  • Better Communication. Hospitalists only work in the hospital, they can be the center point for communication so that the patient, family, primary care physician, and specialists all talk with the same person.
  • Shorter Hospital Stay. Having the hospitalist act as provider and coordinator of your care eliminates much of the wait time for tests, results, and consultations.
  • Quicker Discharge. The hospitalist can give discharge approval quickly, to get you on your way home sooner.
  • Better Quality of Care. Your hospitalist knows every specialist and department in the hospital, and will follow up on tests and adjust your treatment throughout the day.
  • Seamless Return to Your Primary Care Physician. Hospitalists talk to primary care physicians, obtain important records from them and update them regarding your treatment. At discharge, the hospitalist sends your hospital records to your primary care physician, discusses any additional treatment, arranges follow-up care and prescribes medications.

Physician Benefits

Hospitalists communicate with you, the physician.

  • The hospitalist knows every specialist and department in the hospital.
  • Hospitalists assist your patient through a smooth and speedy recovery process.
  • Allowing you to devote your time to the patients in your office.
  • The hospitalist are able devote their attention to caring for your patient while hospitalized.

Your Patients

  • When your patient needs admission to the hospital, you call the hospitalist’s direct admission line and inform them of your patient’s condition.
  • The process is similar to when you refer your patient to a specialist for another opinion or for additional tests and treatment.
  • During the course of your patient’s hospitalization, you and the hospitalist can communicate further regarding the patient’s treatment.
  • At discharge, the hospitalist will send discharge information about the patient’s treatment and further needs to the physician, help arrange follow-up care and prescribe the necessary medications.
  • The hospitalist will also send your patient’s hospital records to you.

Ask your doctor about the NorthCrest Hospitalist Experience.

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