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Patient Testimonials

“I want to thank the NorthCrest staff and CEO for the outstanding way we were treated.

We were covered with snow and ice. I had to call 911 to get my husband to the hospital due to his heart condition. We were taken to NorthCrest. The medical staff did a test, x-ray, EKG and much more. Everything checked out good (thank you, Lord). We were offered by the doctor to stay at the hospital—a stretcher would be brought in for me, as well as food for us, until we could get home. The CEO, Randy Davis, was offering to take people home in his four-wheel truck. My husband wanted to go home. Mr. Davis took us home thru ice and snow and got us home safely! We had great conversation on the way home! We both experienced the company of an extremely nice man.

This is the best hospital staff I have ever encountered! I want the staff and CEO to know how much we appreciate what they did for us. May God bless you and your families! You have left a lifetime impression on us with your kindness! Thank you!”

— Carolyn & Mark


“I brought my dad in last night for chest pain. You all did an amazing, quick, thorough workup. Good job!”

— Joe


“I can’t thank the ER doctors and nurses and second floor doctors and nurses enough for the phenomenal care they provided to my daughter, who had viral colitis.  We are from Clarksville—we will ONLY go to NorthCrest from now on and recommend this hospital to everyone we know!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your top notch care.  Not only were you nice to my daughter, but you were nice to my husband and I, too.  That means the world to a parent.  We are also looking to use all providers affiliated with this hospital.”

— Ginger


“This is the best hospital that I’ve ever been to, and I’ve been to plenty since 2010.  The staff has been 100 percent amazing.  From the patient caregiver to the main surgeon himself, everyone has truly put my needs and my pain as their top priority or at least they make it feel that way.  Please KEEP UP the awesome work.  You all are simply the best.”

— Amy


“Hands Down, the best hospital care I have ever had.  From the first moment I walked in the door and was greeted with a kind friendly hello till the time I left after surgery…  The most caring professionals in the medical field work here and actually care about their patients’ needs.  Please continue the good work you do—it is very appreciated.”

— James


“I was just in NorthCrest Medical Center for severe RLQ abdominal pain, and the doctors, nurses and other medical personnel were amazing.  They took wonderful care of me.  I would highly recommend this hospital to anyone!!”

— Ambra


“Since my accident in 2005, NorthCrest has been my top choice in hospitals.  All of my doctors are there but one.  The people are wonderful and caring.”

— Patricia


“Top notch care—thank you for the wonderful service.”

— Ryan


“NorthCrest took great care of my husband when he had chest pain.”

— Kathy


“I just want to take a moment and thank the staff that were on duty last night in the emergency services department. From check-in to check-out, I had the most professional and caring staff anyone could ask for. Upon walking through the door, it seemed like each staff member could read my mind (my pain), and every one worked immediately to help me feel better. My doctor and nurse and the person at check-in and person at check-out were 1,000 percent awesome. THANK YOU.”

— Dolly


“I had the pleasure of being in NorthCrest’s care. I would like to take this time to thank the emergency room staff—doctors, nurses and care partners and any/all who played a part in my healthcare while I was there. Everyone I came into contact with was kind, courteous, prompt and professional. The care I received while there was first-rate. Again, thank you, and God bless you.”

— Mark


“I was at NorthCrest Medical Center this morning for a bone scan and couldn’t have been treated any better!! The folks that work there are excellent!!!! Very friendly and caring!!!! This was my second trip there for a bone scan, and I will continue using this facility!! We retired to TN from VA eight years ago, and I must say that TN folks are just as friendly as folks from VA, where we lived for 46 years before we retired!!!! Thanks, NorthCrest and TN!!!!”

— Waynette


“The CCU physicians, nurses, respiratory therapists and physical therapists are excellent—second to none anywhere!!! They literally saved my son’s life and treated him and our family with compassion and dignity throughout his stay.”

— Tina


“Today was my first time using this hospital for an emergency, and the staff was AMAZING! I was in so much pain, but they took such great care of me and fixed me! I would HIGHLY recommend anyone to go here if you need a hospital. Thank you so much to the ER staff!! You are my angels!!”

— Jill


“After having knee replacement done, the attention to detail and knowledge, plus being personable, professional, understanding to my needs and even my wants, this staff and Doctors are the best. I appreciate all the hard work and amazing bedside manner this hospital brings to the table.”

– Vernard


“The staff at Northcrest Medical Center are caring, kind, knowledgeable professionals. Very thankful for the excellent care they provided.”

– Dolly